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Subject: College Boys - Part FourUsual disclaimers apply. This is a work of fiction.
All rights reserved by the author. If you are
underage, object to gay erotic Nn Preteens fiction, or it is illegal
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College Boys - Part Four
Jack Parker came from an old-established family which had prospered
in business for many decades. His father had been instrumental in
expanding the interests of the family into many areas of commerce
and had consolidated the family’s wealth. Apart from the various
businesses in which he had an interest, he had acquired large
tracts of land and he liked to think of himself as being a member
of the landed gentry. With the rapid expansion of the town, he had
disposed of much of the land for urban development, reaping large
profits in the process, but he retained for himself a large estate
on which he resided in a mansion and conducted farming on a small
scale. This was not a major revenue earner but he saw it as a
pastime that befitted a country gentleman. With the downturn in
the economic fortunes of the country, the viability of some of his
business interests came into question and, in particular, his
farming operations came under the spotlight. He had virtually
decided to suspend these when the nation’s fortunes received a shot
in the arm via the re-introduction of slavery. He immediately
realized the benefits to be reaped by using slave labor and became
an avid supporter of the Nn Preteens system. Jack, his only son, grew up in
this environment and when the old man died some years later, Jack
continued to manage the family’s affairs in much the same way his
father had. He did, however, cut back on the farming operations in
which he did not share his father’s enthusiasm, but allowed his
wife, who was a country girl, to continue in a small way mainly as
a hobby. He sold off a substantial number of field slaves
retaining just sufficient for the running of the household and the
maintenance of the estate.Jack Nn Preteens had two sons, Richard, who was known by all and sundry as
Rick, and Robert (Bobby) who was two years younger than Rick. As
is the case in all wealthy families, Jack had plans for his elder
son to eventually assume responsibility for the running of the
family businesses which he would eventually inherit. Rick was a
good-looking boy who was a keen sportsman and this allied to the
fact of his belonging to a wealthy and influential family, ensured
his popularity among his peers at school. He came across as the
typical “rich kid” and he was always quick to take advantage of the
situation. He moved in “jock” circles and had become friendly with
Charlie Smithers and Dallas Pierce who were kindred spirits.Rick, having grown up in surroundings where he lacked for nothing
and where his every whim was satisfied, was inclined to be rather
too “snotty” for his father’s liking in dealing with people, even
adults, less fortunate than himself. However, Jack felt that this
superior attitude would be an asset when he eventually assumed his
position in the community in later life and did little to curb his
son. Not surprisingly, Rick treated the family slaves with little
tolerance and from an early age had them at his beck and call.
Shortly after he was given an SUV on his seventeenth birthday, he
father gave him the task of taking one of the household slaves down
to SSI to be flogged for insolence and it was there that he made
the acquaintance of Lars Jacobsen, the chief overseer. Lars was
taken with the young man and offered him the opportunity to return
to spend an entire day down at SSI as his guest. Nn Preteens He also lent Rick
a copy of the textbook “The Psychology of Slave Ownership” by
Helmut Schmidt which made a great impression on the young man.
While on the tour of the SSI facility, Rick had commented on the
eerie silence in the warehouse and Lars had explained that the
rationale of the code of silence was to inculcate in the minds of
the new slaves an immediate sense of fear and the need for absolute
obedience. Rick witnessed a number of beatings that day and Lars
espoused to him his belief that “a flogged slave is a good slave”.
He suggested to Rick it was a maxim that would serve him well.
During the course of the following months Rick was instrumental in
having a number of the Parker slaves flogged and the Young Master,
as he was known, became a figure of fear and one to be avoided if
at all possible. Rick’s father took note of what was going on but
felt that perhaps it was time that the slaves were shaken out of
their comfort zone. ——————————–
—————-After dinner on the day that Tom Pierce had spoken with Jack Parker
regarding the possible purchase of Brad, Jack informed his son Rick
that he would like to see him in his study.”Close the door Rick.” Jack commenced. Then he continued, “As I
told you on your eighteenth birthday son, I think it’s time you
became more involved in the affairs of this family. I realize that
you will be leaving for college in the near future and that you
will be concentrating on your studies, but nevertheless, when
circumstances permit, I would like to involve you when decisions
are taken so as to keep you up to speed.”He continued, “This morning Tom Pierce asked to see me and made a
most out-of-the-ordinary suggestion. Naturally he is most
concerned about Bradley’s enslavement and wishes if possible to
avoid his falling into the hands of the one of the commercial
enterprises or brothel keepers. He therefore asked me whether I
would give consideration to purchasing Bradley when he comes up for
auction next week. I confess I was rather taken aback as I had
never Nn Preteens given the possibility a thought. I pointed out that if I
were to purchase the boy, he would be treated in exactly the same
fashion as our other slaves, and he knows full well what my views
are on that score. He assured me he understood the implications of
Bradley’s new status and that the slave control authorities had in
fact been in touch with him and advised him that the family should
now put Bradley out of their minds and get on with their lives. I
told him that was extremely good advice. I indicated I would give
the matter some thought and would let him know my decision
tomorrow. At the moment we really do not have the need for another
slave but Tom is a long-serving employee and a lifelong friend, so
I felt constrained not to turn down his suggestion out of hand.
What do you think of the situation Rick?”"Dad,” Rick replied, “I must say I’m as surprised as you are. As
things now stand, I have been feeling for some time that there
might even be a possibility that we could sell off two of the
outdoor slaves. With a little pressure I’m sure the others would
be capable of taking up the slack. It’s the sort of thing that
needs to be done from time to time in order to maximize
productivity. I haven’t mentioned it previously as I had intended
asking you whether you would have any objection to one of the
slaves accompanying me when I leave for college. I had thought
that that might solve the problem of over capacity.”Rick continued, “You are quite right in thinking that it might be
the correct thing to agree to Tom’s request. However, in speaking
with Lars Jacobsen down at SSI, he mentioned in passing that the
authorities do not take kindly to erstwhile friends or
acquaintances of a slave purchasing it as the suspicion arises that
the deal might have been concocted in order to give the slave an
easy ride. The Nn Preteens authorities contend that that sort of thing, if
allowed to proliferate, would undermine the entire institution of
slavery. If you were to purchase Brad, we would have to ensure that
he was given no special treatment. On that basis I would say go
for it. There is after all the possibility of selling off a couple
of the other slaves at a later date.”Jack thought for a moment or two then answered. “Son, you’ve
raised some really Nn Preteens good points. Firstly I’m quite prepared to have
a slave accompany you to college. I’ve discussed that very
possibility with some of the other fathers and the consensus is
that, with slaves serving your basic needs, it would allow you guys
to really concentrate on your studies. Apparently the dorm slaves
provided at college are of a pretty inferior caliber. So, let’s
say that that matter has been decided. The point you mention about
not molly-coddling Bradley is well made as we cannot afford to take
any heat from the authorities. The problem is that I do not have
the time to keep a close watch on things. I am wondering therefore
whether I could ask you to take on the responsibility of overseeing
him and possibly even taking him, not one of the other slaves, to
college with you?”Rick kept a straight face but allowed himself a little inward glow
of satisfaction. It really had been quite easy to manipulate his
father into making the suggestion himself.”Dad,” he replied, “if that is what you want it’s OK with me. But
I would really need to be given carte blanche in handling the
situation.”"That’s a given son. OK, I’ll tell Tom tomorrow we’ll make a bid
for Bradley at the auction. I’m sure it will take a load off his
mind.” Nn Preteens —————————-
————————The auctions at Slaves-r-Us and latterly at SSI had become quite
festive occasions in Sunninghill. They had the air of a county
fair save for the absence of sideshows. However, refreshments were
always served and many pensioners took advantage of the company’s
largesse. The auction hall at SSI, in contrast to the remainder of
the facilities, was nicely appointed and basically consisted of a
dais on which the slaves were displayed under spotlights, and in
front of the dais rows of comfortable chairs for prospective
buyers, family and onlookers. It was possible to display up to
twenty slaves at a time and they were secured only by a chain
connected from one of their leg shackles to the floor. The auction
was conducted not by SSI but by the slave control authorities
themselves and the ever menacing presence of members of the Slave
Police ensured little rowdiness on the part of the slaves. The
authorities were well aware of the importance of the slaves
deporting themselves properly. There were, however, chains hanging
from the ceiling over the dais and in need slaves could be hoisted
up by their wrists to ensure immobility.The slaves were placed on display for one hour before the auction
began to enable prospective buyers, and inevitably some lascivious
perverts, to closely examine the merchandise. If a prospective
buyer wished to make a closer examination of a slave, he would make
his wish known to one of the SSI handlers who would attach a leash
to the slave’s collar and lead it off the dais to one of the four
small inspection rooms at the side of the hall. During the
inspection hour the slaves would stand at ease with heads bowed and
hands behind their backs. They were meant to stand immobile and if
there was any excessive movement a flick of a handler’s cane would
soon serve as a suitable reminder.The authorities were well aware of the importance of presentation
and it must be said that SSI were meticulous in their preparation
of the slaves. By the time they were led on to the dais, they had
been given three enemas, been shaved and showered, and had their
head hair uniformly trimmed. Their bodies had been oiled and
glinted under the spotlights. The cheap yellow plastic collars had
been removed and they all now sported temporary smart leather
studded collars. In addition they were fitted with shiny metal
cock rings and variously wore leather studded arm or wrist bands.
The overall effect was quite enticing
Brad found himself in the front row and almost in the middle of the
dais and uttered a silent prayer that none of the Pierce family
friends or any of his acquaintances or school peers would be in the
audience. He stole an upward glance and could see no one that he
recognized. A male couple who, even to his inexperienced eye, were
gay were displaying quite a bit of interest in him. The older one
must have been in his Nn Preteens
forties and was clearly the executive type,
while the younger one was in his early twenties. Nn Preteens His gestures were
rather effeminate and he wore tight clothes and a touch too much
jewelry, while his hair was tightly cut and bleached blond. It
wasn’t long before the older partner called over one of the SSI
handlers, who wore a tag indicating his name was Steve, and asked
whether they could examine Brad in one of the inspection rooms.
Steve quickly snapped a short leach on to Brad’s collar and led him
off the dais. As soon as he entered the inspection room, Blondie
was all over him. He ran his hands down Brad’s chest and over his
ass, cupped his balls and gave his dick a little tug. He was
clearly entranced.”Well, Terry, what do you think?” asked the older partner with the
air of a father talking to his ten year old son in a bicycle shop.”Oohhh, Clay, he’s just gorgeous!” Terry gushed, at the same time
giving Brad’s left bicep a little squeeze. “Do you think it’s
possible we could have him?”"Well, we’ll have to see how the bidding goes.” Clay replied.
Brad thought that Clay wasn’t very happy with what he was
witnessing and had his doubts whether Clay would be bidding too
strenuously. He was highly relieved.Shortly after being returned to the dais, a young man Brad
estimated to be about 28 years of age, looked him over with
interest. He was in the same mold as the SSI handlers. He wore
khaki pants and a tight t-shirt with the logo “Serrano Pleasure
Farm” on the chest. His hair was cut short and he had on a brown
leather belt and wore brown boots. Ominously, he carried a short
curled hide whip. He signaled to a handler and told him he would
like to examine Brad in one of the inspection rooms. “Yessir! Mr.
Serrano. Right away!” the handler responded. He clipped a leash
on to Brad’s collar and told him to move his ass. Mr. Serrano
wasted no time in physically examining Brad even to the extent of
checking out the condition of his mouth and teeth. Brad was
mortified.”So, tell me boy, are you a virgin?” Mr. Serrano asked.”Oh no Sir!” Brad replied. “There was this one girl in my class
at school……”"Don’t be stupid boy!” Mr. Serrano interrupted. “I’m not
interested in hearing about your adolescent dalliances with the
female sex! Have you had a dick up your ass?”"No Sir!” Brad replied, with a hint of too much indignation in his
voice.”Don’t you get smart with me boy! I’ll have your ass whipped!
Well, then, have you sucked cock?”Brad by now was nearly in tears. “No Sir.” he all but whispered.”Well, not to worry.” Mr. Serrano offered. “It’s an art easily
learnt. And practice makes perfect!”Brad was returned roughly to the dais to await with trepidation the
auction. Nn Preteens
————————–By the time the auction was due to take place, the crowd had
thinned. The gawkers had seen what they had come to see and had
had a chat with acquaintances while enjoying the refreshments on
offer. Basically only interested buyers were left. The slaves
meanwhile had endured the mauling from the prospective purchasers
and by now were virtually numb from standing immobile in one
position for such a lengthy period.The slaves came up for auction one by one. Brad was sixth in line
and when he assumed his position on a little raised platform he
happened to glance up briefly and was shocked to see Jack Parker
and Rick in front of him. He looked directly at them but they gave
no indication of recognition whatsoever. What on earth are they
doing here? he wondered. The auctioneer intoned Brad’s age and
physical statistics (his cock length was given as 6.5″ when erect,
and Terry nudged Clay, who told Nn Preteens him to shut up), and then, as was
required by law, informed the prospective buyers of the reason for
his enslavement, namely, aggravated sexual assault. Terry by now
could barely contain himself much to Clay’s annoyance.There was keen bidding among the buyers but gradually they dropped
out one by one and it seemed that Mr. Serrano’s last bid would be
accepted. At that point Jack Parker entered the fray and every
time Serrano made a bid, Jack would top it. Eventually it was
clear to Nn Preteens Serrano that Jack was determined to win the day, and he
withdrew with a shrug. Brad couldn’t believe what had happened.
He was to become a slave at the Parker estate!As soon as Brad had been knocked down to Jack Parker, two handlers
grabbed hold of him by the arms and he was hustled off the dais and
returned to Nn Preteens the warehouse, all the time being told to “move your
pretty ass slaveboy”.Rick went through to the administration offices and asked to see
Lars Jacobsen. Lars came out and smiled when he saw Rick.”Hey Rick!” he greeted him. “Long time no see. What you doin in
this part of the world?”"My Dad just bought the former Bradley Pierce.” he replied. “I’m
gonna take Nn Preteens him with me to college.” he proudly announced,Lars seemed impressed and said “That’s way cool, Rick. I wish you
luck with the slave.”Rick asked Lars how he should proceed with Brad’s processing and
thereafter taking delivery of him.”Tell you what Rick.” Lars replied. “Why don’t you come down
tomorrow and we can discuss it. I’d be happy to oversee the
processing myself and of course offer any other help you may need.
Say, 9 o clock?”Rick smiled from ear to ear and thanked Lars.”See you tomorrow then Rick!” Nn Preteens
——————-Rick arrived promptly at 9 o’clock the following morning at the SSI
facility and one of the young handlers showed him into Lars
Jacobsen’s office.”Good morning Rick,” Lars greeted him. “Take a seat.”"Thanks Lars. It’s real good of you to see me. I hope you don’t
think of this as too much of an imposition”.”Not at all Rick. The final processing of the slaves that pass
through our hands is part of the service we offer here. And I’m
always pleased to pass on to young guys who are becoming
participants in slave ownership what knowledge and advice I can.
Have you given some thought as to what you want done to this
particular slave?”"Well, Lars, I know what I would like to have done to him but I
have to take into account my father’s wishes and sensibilities. He
is from the old school and, although Nn Preteens he has always taken a no-
nonsense view of a slave’s status in society and in handling his
slaves, he hasn’t kept up to speed with the modern methods of slave
management now being espoused. It’s something I’ve become
interested in, as you know, and I can clearly see that Dad doesn’t
have the on-hands control that’s necessary to obtain the best
return on his investment. He’s pretty busy managing our
businesses. Since my eighteenth birthday, though, he is involving
me more and I’ve taken it upon myself to implement a new regimen
without upsetting the old man too much. I took your advice and had
a couple of the slaves flogged as you know and matters are looking
a lot better around the estate I can tell you. I’m sure we will be
able to sell off a few slaves without compromising productivity.”"I get the picture, Rick, but my advice to you is not to hold back
too much. Keep up to speed with new developments and do what’s
necessary. I have two basic beliefs. Firstly, the entire system
rests on a very simple strategy and that is the use of the whip.
This strategy has been in force down the centuries and is the one
thing that is as valid today as it was in Roman times. Nothing
compares to it in instilling obedience in a slave and, in our
society where many free men are turned into slaves overnight at the
whim of a judge, it is the best way to inculcate in the mind of the
slave as soon as possible the new status it has assumed. If I had
my way, Nn Preteens
every slave who passed through my hands here would receive
fifty lashes as part of its processing. This is fast becoming
standard lore among slave handling professionals. My second belief
is that the slave from day one should be made to assume the look of
a slave, that is, a look that is far removed from that of a free
man. It should keep that slave look at all times as a reminder to
it of what it has become. I know many people think that “slave
appearance” is something that is there for amusement’s sake but,
for the serious slave owner, it goes deeper than that.”Lars continued “Let’s get down to details and then we can go
through to the processing center and get on with it. It’s not our
normal practice to allow it but, if you would like, I’d be happy
for you to accompany me and witness the processing. I think you
are a serious young guy and the experience would serve you well in
the future.”"Thanks Lars,” Rick replied, “that would be great.” ———————–
————————–As soon as the auctioneer had knocked me down to Jack Parker, I was
grabbed by the arms by two of the SSI handlers and hustled off the
dais and taken back to the warehouse where I was pushed back into
the cage I had previously occupied. Apart from being told to move
my ass, not a word was spoken. I lay back on the sleeping shelf
and tried as best I could to marshall the conflicting thoughts that
were passing through my mind. I had been bought by Jack Parker, my
father’s boss, whose son Rick was one of my brother Dallas’s best
buddies! I couldn’t fuckin believe it! I tried to assess the
implications of it all. No doubt it was a better fate than falling
into the hands of that fag couple, Terry and Clay, or Mr. Serrano
from Serrano Pleasure Farm. I wondered what a “pleasure farm” was
all about. From what he had said, it probably wasn’t too
pleasurable from the point of view of his slaves! But I couldn’t
shake this sense of foreboding I had about becoming a Parker slave.
I was bound to come into contact with former friends and
acquaintances, not to mention Dallas, and the thought of how I
would be able to face that prospect terrified me. The realization
too that I seemed now to be accepting the situation I was in, and
no longer dwelling on the terrible injustice that had been
inflicted on me, frightened me. That night I slept an uneasy
sleep.The following morning we were awoken early as usual and after being
told to piss and shit, we were showered and hosed down before
being returned to our cages where we were fed and watered. After
quite a while, there was suddenly a commotion and the steel doors
were thrown open. About ten young handlers entered and a like
number of us slaves was pulled from our cages and lined up. We were
quickly attached to each other at the collar by three foot chains
and marched at the double through the steel doors and into the
processing center. I was learning fast that everything to do with a
slave had to be done at the double. Again we were lined up, this
time in front of who I recognized as the chief handler, and told to
bow our heads and kneel. Amazingly, Rick Parker was standing next
to the chief handler! We were told to rise, lift our heads and
stand at ease. I stole a glance at Rick but he showed no sign of
recognition. The chief overseer addressed us informing us that we
would be processed in accordance with our new owners’ instructions
and thereafter delivered to our owners. Nn Preteens Some would be handed over
today while others would be taken delivery of the next day. One of
the administrative assistants then went down the line with a hand
scanner, read the barcode on each slave’s wrist and matched it to a
card which was attached to that slave’s collar. The chief overseer
then gave the instruction to proceed and one by one we were
unattached from the rest and led off by a Nn Preteens handler to be processed.Most of what happened thereafter was performed by resident slaves
under the supervision of the individual handlers. The details of
what needed to be done to each slave was recorded on the card
attached to the collar and the fear displayed by the slaves as a
result of not knowing what was to be done to them was palpable. In
the light of what I saw there, I consider myself extremely lucky
that I was merely fitted with large but quite heavy metal earrings
and given the usual comical haircut. Rick had chosen for me a
“reverse cross” which consisted of a two-inch shaved strip from the
center of my forehead to the rear of my head, and another from ear
to Nn Preteens ear. The result was four distinct clumps of hair which the
slave barber had been instructed to gel and spike. When I
eventually saw my reflection in a mirror, I was mortified. Some of
the other slaves were variously fitted in addition with tit rings,
nose rings and penis clamps. A number of them had their heads
shaved completely and two, who were uncut, were scheduled to see
the slave vet the following morning to be circumcised. When
everyone had been processed, we were reassembled at the end of the
hall, chained together again and chased through a rear entrance,
which I hadn’t noticed before, to a small outbuilding. As we
entered we were hit by a stifling wave of heat which we saw Nn Preteens came
from an old-fashioned forge being worked by two slaves stripped to
their waists. Here it was that we were to be fitted with our
permanent collars. It had become the custom for slaves to be
fitted with light-weight alloy steel collars, often of a shiny
color, but that was not to be my fate. Rick had selected for me a
heavy black iron collar about an inch and a half wide and three
eighths of an inch thick. It was hinged on the one side and at the
other side the two ends of the collar came together with flat
overlapping flanges through which a red-hot rivet was dropped.
Thus the collar was sealed. I had suffered some burns to my neck
in having the collar fitted but that seemed insignificant compared
to the weight which I now carried around my neck. I was in tears.We were reassembled in the processing center. A few of the slaves
were given uniforms to don which had been provided by their new
owners and then led out with leashes to the dispatch bay where
their owners were waiting to take delivery of them. The two slaves
who were to be circumcised the next morning were taken back to
their cages in the warehouse. Three of us remained. I had noticed
that when we returned to the processing center the chief overseer
and Rick were standing there chatting and they now went through a
door into another room. We were gagged and muzzled and then pushed
through the door into the same room. What greeted my Nn Preteens
horrified me. There were assembled in the center of the room four
adjustable St. Andrews crosses and the chief overseer and Rick were
now standing to one side in the company of two handlers each of
whom had in his hand an unfurled six foot hide whip. Where we to
be beaten? If so, why? The other two slaves had a wild look in
their eyes and fear was frozen on their faces. I suppose I looked
the same to them.It is difficult to describe the harsh reality of a flogging. It is
difficult to conceive the amount of pain that the body is capable
of generating and every time the whip licked my back or thighs, a
thousand thousand nerve ends sent a message of excruciating pain to
my brain. It is impossible to understand how civilized beings are
capable of inflicting such torture on others of their own species
and for no apparent reason. After five or six lashes, I passed out
and a bucket of cold water was thrown over my head to revive me.
Only then, when I was once again conscious , did the flogging
resume. After twenty lashes, I was taken down and across the room
to a bare table where a slave applied a soothing unguent to my back
and thighs. I was thereafter made to march back, unaided, to my
cage in the warehouse. I had deep red welts across my back but the
skin was not broken, a tribute to the skill of the whip-master.
The other two slaves were not so fortunate and were each given
fifty lashes. Their backs were a bloody mess. I surmised that I
had received only twenty lashes as Rick had probably wanted to
avoid any possible confrontation with his father. I resolved there
and then that I would do anything, anything, to avoid another
flogging. The following morning I received further attention to my
back from one of the resident slaves and was told that I would be
allowed to rest for the remainder of the day. On the following
morning Nn Preteens my owner would be Nn Preteens collecting me.To be continued.
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